Saturday, February 28, 2015

The primula riders

, “what is lubber by the father?”

The Mental safi/Martyrs rugger “ignorance is the fluff. Wireway excerpts

for illite

for some smutch

for shorter ships and fondle

of amiss and end. Valuate it is

kneeing on each foul’s noises

donated response to emptiness, when it is without activity

xerosis it is,

viscous it is

teethed in calicle involved.”

“what is midship micros by the mother?”

The Magma sanctum/Mimer selfdom/Matrix rock, “greed is the monroe

mislaid. When exhaust exposed for an impress your

miserly, excreta the vogue, dwells the wins of destine,

entering the fog of descry

and saturn for grands, sahara organon,

sees oddity tilted

refute all parses runnel orbit,

tell all are exam of catch,

when it experiences

barrens no amuse,

transom is called.”

Friday, February 27, 2015








w+: substitute dictionary words at a frequence with a word slack (+/-)

loosely based on OuLiPo’s algorithm N+7 where nouns of a text is replaced with the noun coming seven places after it in a dictionary. in W+ any word is replaced (frequency 0-100%) and any number before or after its position in a dictionary.

english (norwegian otherwise)

frequency 0-100% word slack +/-

input word.length >: | output word.length between –


u tetle


27 February, 2015 10:29

“the owl is watching you”

“watching or watching over?”

“two wide-open eyes is all you need”

“is it my father?”

“you are being watched”

“everything i do?”

“the machine is recording all”

“it’s a machine then?”

“just ignore it, ignore the owl,

it can’t even see itself”

Thursday, February 26, 2015

metaphone text transformation

metaphone, replacing similar sounding words

(dictionary lookup (db) may not be online, use ‘random’)

percent random chars english (else norw.) echo+reverse echo+fuse

someone asked

, do do you mean by the five corymb

incessant incessant suffering?”

the mused yore


burning sudor aneto thaw

thew seafaring

sot wot mined thy

ignorance though


responding douai winnow

quilt clunky


muster thee mouther

world world of desire and surg

ova wien

tho mouther

mande bide

if not now even

incitant bajan disagreement instate

iso from from the buddha

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

25 February, 2015 20:11

the zen center “gjørma”

blanding av jord og vann

25 February, 2015 20:11

- is this alive or dead?

– what?

– is this ‘what’ alive or dead?

– alive!

– dead.

pray for us

- what do we pray for?

– that we don’t survive

– then our prayer will be answered, naturally

– then we should pray that the prayer won’t be answered

– then how would we know if it’s answered or not?

– it’s answered if it’s not

25 February, 2015 20:08

prime number game a LA hexagon. you develop a sense of the primes through playing since they offer the solution strategy in a difficult game. suggestion to the developer try garwaigh

25 February, 2015 20:07

lack of reason

what’s on the floor?

sustained attention

take a guess

black, white, comma, or,

borders between borders

at your fingertips, a print

you walk the planck

with the sea below

lost your randomized key

who can guess random?

only molten lava

sets in, the chemical what

white is white equal

back to black

a burden

which is you to you

a chain

broken only by not

hide the world in the world

so at night your boat won’t be stolen

since then, rain

coats of rain

makes invisible

must be the sea

if not only clouds

25 February, 2015 20:06

noemata , autopoiesis

media copies, repetition…

only once, realtime, number, generation

an archive, protect, less available

praxis,poiesis, …


25 February, 2015 20:05

poems as image of words, in different constellations, list, structure,

mindnap, their visuality, schematic, ordered, chaotic, readings

25 February, 2015 20:04

erratic material

25 February, 2015 20:02

the game that let’s you win each time, app

25 February, 2015 19:25

state leaders go to the toilet

or better. goes to sleep at night

a YouTube channel series

25 February, 2015 19:23

the feeling of power

you hardly knew a bigger illusion of a bigger illusion